How Could You Not Love David Luiz???


He’s got AMAZING hair

Not to mention his beautiful smile

He is crazy… In a good way

Especially when drunk

But he definitely has the moves

However, in all seriousness, he is a excellent player

Who shows great sportsmanship 

And is not afraid to show his emotions and love for his country

Overall, he is a lovable, charming, handsome and incredible human being

You get my point?

Thomas Muller and Miroslave Klose asked by mrsikari

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Soccer Cleats x Music Albums


Germany wins the World Cup!

Louis with his two daddies!!! ;P 




Body Art by Gesine Marwedel, Germain artist.

I’m amazed

The dopest shit ever

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Recovered footage of the still-at-large spree killer in Washington DC.

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Giving sketches of DFB team.

Giving sketches of DFB team.


Sherlock looking at John is series 3.

I bet Sherlock hasn’t looked at anyone like that again in his life .. Just .. let me cry in my corner

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